Our Mission

"To use drama, music and movement to spark self-determined creativity
in all people so they can reach their full potential."



To the best of our ability, we will:

  1. Provide direct instruction in performing arts for all individuals;

  2. Provide programs with embedded SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) skills, therapeutic goals, and/or academic content;

  3. Establish further research on the benefits of Dramakinetics as an activity-based


Pamela Futvoye Shooner, MSEd founded Dramakinetics as a non-profit organization for creating integrated arts programming for teaching developmental skills to children and adults of all abilities.

Dramakinetics (DK) of Cincinnati is the benchmark of excellence in integrated arts education programs in Great Cincinnati. Incorporated in 2007 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, DK is the only non-profit organization in the area providing performing arts classes designed to include individuals of all abilities for recreational, academic, and therapeutic purposes.

FOUNDER of Dramakinetics of Cincinnati

Pamela Futvoye Shooner has been using performing arts for fun and function throughout her entire life. Realizing the power of using arts in education, Pam fused her passion for performing arts with an extensive teaching career at New York’s Developmental Disabilities Institute, notable homed-based intervention programs, the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory Preparatory Program’s Special Learner’s Division, and has received teaching certifications from the Ohio Department of Education as and Intervention Specialist and Theatre Arts Specialist for grades PreK through 12. In addition to launching this organization, Pam performs professionally in local theatre productions.

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