Elder Arts 

Through the use of Music, Movement, and Drama we are able to empower individuals with dementia to face the challenges that are presented and preserve their memories before they are lost.

This program uses the Dramakinetics method to help the participants reawaken their minds and bodies.

The class begins with movement exercises that are adaptable and allow individuals in any physical condition to participate. Then rhythm instruments are passed out and the class works together to create/replicate music. From there the teacher leads the class in a variety of games that promote coordination and gross motor exercise.  The main focus of the class is to create performance pieces that involve singing and moving to songs that might trigger memories for the class. After rehearsing the performance piece individuals of the class are encouraged to share a memory or answer prompt questions presented by the instructor.

The individuals who take part in this program not only are able to grow individually and participate in a fun afternoon activity, but they develop friendships that enable them to find strength in the day to day activities. They take notice of one another and are able to reconnect with the people around them.

Kathy Pohl Wagner Music Program 

Dramakinetics believes that combining music with physical activity would produce even greater positive effects on cognitive function in elderly people.  A study done of the effects of physical exercise paired with music showed a greater impact upon the cognitive function in elderly people than that of music alone. (1) 

 This individualized program is designed to help increase comfort and decrease anxiety of individuals during hospice and assisted living settings as either a preparation prior to joining the group, or as a one-on-one activity. Currently, we are using KPW as a program to be used by caregivers and family members during visits with the selected residents.