New Perceptions’ 80s Prom Night and Scooby Doo

September marked the final class at New Perceptions Inc. in Edgewood Kentucky.  As sad as our staff were to be completing this session of programming, we were all very excited to see what performances the two groups came up with. 

The Tuesday class worked together to create a compilation of mini stories that followed nine characters through High School life and their story ended with revealing who won Prom King and Queen!  Over the span of just a few hours this class ran through seven scenes, which were filmed and turned into a video for the actors to keep.

The Wednesday class also put together a movie as their final performance, however they chose to bring Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc. to life.  Their video follows the mystery gang as they try to discover who is haunting an archaeological dig, and why that “ghost” is scaring everyone away.

Dramakinetics had a wonderful time working with these two groups and hope that we are able to rejoin their program in the future.  For more information on New Perceptions Inc. visit their website: