Summer Camp Success

Dramakinetics’ Summer Camp for 2015 was an exciting and wonderful experience. Over the course of a week our students wrote and blocked a show for their families and friends. In addition to those accomplishments the students, ages 8-18, also created their costumes, put together a soundtrack, designed the set, and built the props. 

The students began by writing their show on Monday. It was a video game themed performance that followed a young girl through various levels of the game. By the end of the week our students were exhausted but thrilled to present PIXEL PANIC to their audience. 

Improv activities were used to coach and grow acting techniques, music and dance were used to engage and energize the students, and there were workshops that taught about the significance of costumes, sets, and props. All of these pieces contributed to the success and scale of this performance.  

We were thrilled to see the creativity of these kids shine through every part of the show. They were the driving force behind everything we did, they wanted to explore all aspects of theater and see what they could add to their masterpiece.  It was an amazing week!  We cannot wait to see what we can come up with next year!