Creative Classroom Program to Three Local Schools

Dramakinetics of Cincinnati was created to be an organization that utilizes the Dramakinetics teaching method in a way to use the arts for educational purposes.  We dedicate many hours to developing programs that are fun and functional.  As our organization has been spreading out roots in the community our programs focused on the social-emotional development and arts standards.  Dramakinetics is excited to announce the newest project that our staff will begin in November. 

Three schools: Schroder High School, St Williams Elementary, and South Avondale Elementary are bringing Dramakinetics into the classroom to help students develop social emotional skills while working through aspects of the core curriculum. Each of these programs will focus on different content while using our method to break down the information with the performing arts.

Schroder High School will be working with Dramakinetics to support the 11thand 12th grade chemistry students during their unit on Stoichiometry.  Our staff will go into the chemistry class twice a week for three weeks and create a performance piece that brings the principles of this unit to life.

At St Williams Elementary Dramakinetics will be working with the 200 students in the school to create class performances for every grade. Each performance will focus on a social emotional lesson as well as a piece of core curriculum.  This program will run for ten weeks and end in a variety of performances that get all students of the school working together to portray each lesson.

The third school Dramakinetics will be working with will be South Avondale Elementary school, focusing on the 4th and 5th graders.  This program will run for six weeks and will work on social-emotional development as well as language arts standards.