Why we love Dramakinetics

Dramakinetics means self-expression through drama and the arts. It opens up opportunities for individuals to consider how they move through space, impact others, work collaboratively and understand different forms of expression.
Dramakinetics utilizes music and movement to explore how we relate to one another, tell stories and allow individuals to be creative.
This shared experience increases awareness of people's abilities and personal style in a safe, fun environment. ~Beverly Fenton


David has been attending drama classes since he was a child (now almost 23).  He has tried many different activities in his lifetime (music, sports, musical instruments, social skills classes, etc,), but Dramakinetics has remained the one and only activity that he continues today.   

He is a dramatic person, so it is the perfect outlet for him.  He has learned so much over the years about acting, (tone, volume, stage presence, etc.), he fancies himself to be quite a pro.  Dramakinetics has provided a safe, nurturing environment, where David has learned social skills, acting skills, and, I think, feels truly accepted. ~Pauline Farthing


Our family was so thankful for the opportunity to participate in DK Schoolhouse!  For my kids, being in the same class (and production) together meant feeling more safe, especially at the beginning of the session.

At DK Schoolhouse, I witnessed all my kids become more confident in their communication and expression; my four-year-old especially honed his skills for taking turns, following directions and speaking clearly.  My oldest (age 10) said that he liked being a part of a team to accomplish a task.  Another child said his favorite part was “learning how to exercise his face”!  The teachers enthusiastically engaged my four energetic children, consistently respected their ideas, and allowed a reasonable amount of silliness, all while instructing them in theater and communication techniques.  Well done! ~ Kerry Shooner