What Dramakinetics means to me by DK mom Christine Cassidy

Here's what Dramakinetics means to me !

My daughter has made lifelong FRIENDS in Dramakinetics class sessions. Taught by LOVING teachers who are firm, CARING but realistic. I have confidence that my teen since childhood has been supported in deepening relationships and expressing herself, at Dramakinetics.

The instructors make Dramakinetics work with exercises to strengthen communication techniques (ie. vocal chords) and helping the cast members identify demonstrative tones and actions. They make learning fun. Memorizing lines or movements, or remembering what you did last week- are all activities which create patterns that elevate function. In class, kids discuss their feelings and share what's going on in their lives, and practice acceptable ways to express both the positive and negative things. My student never wants to miss a session because she'll miss seeing the other students, her teachers (AND parents who sometimes hang around and socialize during class time.)

One parent told me her daughter said, "These are my people!"

My daughter has saved all of her Dramakinetics scripts over the years. The script format has helped shape her understanding of the roles people play in LIFE. Having Down Syndrome is only one aspect of my daughter's life. She will face certain challenges to active participation in typical communities. I believe that her understanding of roles and the responsibility each character holds to help complete a story plays directly into her development as a future contributing member of society with D.S.. She has apraxia- the inability to perform particular purposeful actions- so, memorizing "lines" can be a very helpful tool for her when she is in a situation with little time to get her words or actions together!

Dramakinetics helps people practice how to think on their feet- even if they're on a set for a show, floating in outer space! Public performances are unique and extra-special events that lend a valuable life experience to the students' repertoire. Every kid is a star, and sometimes an amazing breakthrough occurs for one of them that all are privileged to witness!

The teaching professionals at Dramakinetics whom my daughter emulates: surprise, no surprise-  THEY hold other primary jobs in our communities. They go that "second-mile" teaching at Dramakinetics, to help make communities STRONGER, offering their GIFTS to my child and her friends. They are quintessential "role" models!

My teen aged daughter walks confidently into the North Presbyterian Church basement in Northside- the "Random Acts" space- knowing she will be in an environment where all are welcome. There are rules, but plenty of accommodations made for imperfections on the part of everyone involved . No worries- but never give up! Keep trying! And if you haven't -Try Dramakinetics. :-) I love it.

Thanks, Pam Shooner for making your dream a reality for SO MANY