Queen Bee Fun

On the eighth of October our queen city of Cincinnati hosted the annual Queen Bee half-marathon! The run supports local charities which focus on women’s health and assistance. The weekend-long event also serves as an educational event where the city hosts workshops on health education reinforcing healthy life choices.

The race is a key event for Dramakinetics. It is a wonderful opportunity to support the women of Cincinnati and have fun while we do it! Each year our team of staff and students dress in costume and brave the early morning cold to spur on the Queen Bee’s runners as they buzz past. This October, we prepared early. Signs were painted with yellow and black bumble bee’s wearing glistening crowns and ruby red lipstick. Creepy and lively Halloween songs were deliberated over and selected to motivate and inspire those runners by.

Because summer is acquiescing to fall the morning of the race was cold. Sleepy pirates, and ballerina’s holding hot coffee’s helped Uncle Sam hang the handmade signs while Michael Jackson’s: Thriller, and other spooky favorites woke up Madison Avenue. We greeted everyone eagerly, with cheers, enthusiasm, and twizzlers. Dancing on the sidewalk helped keep us warm and whooping and hollering: “keep it up”, or “never stop being amazing”, warmed the hearts of the runners. A few participants even took short breaks to take pictures with the bees and renaissance women cheering them on. Everyone’s positivity was absolutely palpable and as refreshing as the fall morning air. Even the runner’s, whether running alone, or in teams, supported one another the whole way. Mile after mile, step by step. 

For the Queen Bee, the smiles, laughter, and excitement of supporters helps to fuel everyone involved. Support is what this run is all about, and DK loves to support the Queen Bee excitedly from the sidelines. We also love that we can show up dressed up and ready to motivate, all while being as theatrical as we can possibly bee!!