Cheering in the Chase Elementary Students

It’s was only 7:30 in the morning, and already the students at Chase Public School had a lot to look forward to. Family, friends, and members of the Northside community were lined up along the sidewalk to cheer on students as they walked into school. Waving signs proclaiming: “CPS School Pride”, supporters called out to the kids: “Have a great morning, hooray, go students”- with the variations of inspirational cheers, I could go on and on. The clapping and laughter of the supporters was echoed, too, by the children. They skipped in single file, smiling, and giggling, giving high fives both left and right. The whole Dramakinetics team was proud to be there, giving high-five’s, and handing out our glamorously shiny blue pencils. For us at Dramakinetics, supporting young people and the students in our community is not only important, but so much fun. It is a privilege.

It is part of our mission to reinforce the A-grade education students receive at Chase School, and other schools around Cincinnati, using creative dramatics and the Dramakinetics teaching methodologies. Throughout our five years + of working at Chase, we have watched the creative and educational successes of our students. We are thrilled to show our support today in return. The DK team sends all of our support and encouragement to Chase Public School, and to all of the schools and students of CPS. We are already looking forward to cheering again next year!