Norwood City Schools Avenues for Success Wrap-up

On April 26th, both Sharpsberg Dance Clubs performed their routines for the entire after-school program at Norwood Middle School. 

The first team to perform was the group of kindergarten-2nd grade dancers. Following along with their teachers, they had a blast on stage performing for their peers. One child said, "I like Dramakinetics because I get to dance, and dancing is fun."

The second team consisted of three girls in 4th-6th grade: Emma, Erin, and Raini. To prepare for the performance, the girls coordinated outfits with matching sequin-covered sneakers. They danced along to a mash-up of songs such as Hair Up from the Trolls soundtrack and Walking on Sunshine, and were met with a roaring round of applause from the audience. Even more impressive than the group's dancing abilities was their friendship. 

“Dramakinetics has helped me make new friends and grow closer to friends I already had," Erin said. Emma agreed, adding, "I love you guys. You make me feel like I’m at home.”

Kathryn Pohl Wagner Music and Movement Program

We have been ecstatic to be piloting a new elder arts program- The Kathryn Pohl Wagner Music and Movement Program throughout the month of November. A program taking after our own heart, we are working individually with select elders living with dementia, or Alzheimer's by conducting a fun and creative curriculum to be taught to families for everyday practice.

Engaging in fun and creative art projects, conducting physical exercises, and listening to nostalgic music, these activities support each person emotionally, mentally, and physically, through sensory and cognitive stimulation.

Music evokes old memories, while making art projects with clay reinforces brain stimulation as well as fine motor skills. Our students, are bright, talented, and soulful individuals who love the program and have demonstrated immense successes already.

"I have watched my own grandmother dance for the first time in a long time to her favorite song Clair De Lune." DK Teacher Conor Jameson.  In fact, every student has subtly displayed exciting and inspiring increases in social interaction and communication, emotional stability, as well as physical  functionality. Our work together is powerful and delicate. It is important to revere our elders by supporting them creatively and with great care. At DK, we have all the skills to do that. We’d like to give a shout-out and say thank you to all of our Kathryn Pohl Wagner students for helping us pilot a program which supports and uplifts our elderly students, as well as their families.

Random Actors Present...

Throughout their fall quarter, students of the Random Acts class have used improvisation to write their final show Journey Through the Magical Forest. Taking place in South Africa, the play highlights three neighboring, but independent communities- the Plainlands, The Desert, and Fairsnow, which are abruptly brought together by a devastating water shortage. Through this newly shared experience, the characters work together for the first time to discover the villainesses behind the crime. Along the way, they learn of their own unique abilities and the power of unity and collaboration. 

Random Acts students have been working and playing hard to write this piece. They will be showcasing their efforts at the final show to be performed at the Behringer Crawford Museum on December 10th at 2:00 p.m. 

The Behringer Crawford Museum is located 1600 Montague Road - Devou Park in
Covington. At Dk, we could not be more proud of our students! Come to the show and show your support! 

What Dramakinetics means to me by DK mom Christine Cassidy

What Dramakinetics means to me by DK mom Christine Cassidy

Dramakinetics helps people practice how to think on their feet- even if they're on a set for a show, floating in outer space! Public performances are unique and extra-special events that lend a valuable life experience to the students' repertoire. Every kid is a star, and sometimes an amazing breakthrough occurs for one of them that all are privileged to witness!